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Again we are falling behind by taking Sri Lanka as the model. Why in the world should we be content with 2nd or 3rd best ?? why cannot we follow the best ??

I assume you would say its impossible to turn a paddy field into a gold mine overnight, yes its true , but why would not you try to turn a paddy field into a gold mine rather than turning it into a grain field with say 10 years time in mind ??

You might have a point saying Sri Lanka and Bangladesh could be related culturally , and all other subcontinental support ....

I simply dont think this is the right way, if we want to be the world beaters we will have to follow the Aussies and there should not be any compromise regarding our goal.

Im not saying this in terms of cricket only, but i think its also there in our genes that we are content by being second best ..!!!

Its about time we change .. we should because every nation has its evolution, its time we Bangladeshis help evolve our nation too .
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