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Ok guys, we dont' need a Sri Lankan model, Aussie model or Indian or Paki model. Remember we alreadhy had a rich cricket history in Bangladesh for over a hundred years. It's just that the quality wasn't that good. After we split from Pakistan, there was always cricket being played at the club level, but the problem was the quality was not that good. So, remember, BD is not new to cricket.

So I am sick of trying to adapt other country's models because they are not always appropriate. I believe we need to stop replicating other countries models and just let a new BD model evolve. Right now the systems in place is fine. There is a first class structure. There is a club structure. There is school cricket structure. Just the pitches suck and the players are not motivated enough in the first class system. Hopefully the financial compensation for the players will make them motivated and the quality of the games will improve. But finances alone, the players need to realize that it's up to them to improve to reflect on BD wins at the test level.

So, basically what I am saying is no point in trying to replicate other country's models when the real problem is motivation for our players and the winning attitude at the test level. This Attitude (without being overconfident and stupid and celebrating everytime someone scores a hundred) will go a long way to give BD wins at the test levels very soon. The basics are there already. Just the hunger for win is lacking. That's it that's all that it comes down to! Let me know how many of you agree with me. I am just sick and tired of trying to replicate other countries when a system is already in place. Just need some tweaking and the players need a spanking!
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