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Default Grades: BD performance in Indian series:

In TQM (total quality management) we are taught not to have a grading system on performance. It hampers the motivation when someone fails. Not all can perform at the same pace. On the other side of the coin, from childhood we had been graded in all our tests to see were we stood and how much we need to improve.

I know I am not the chief justice but as usual, I would start the grading (Al furqaan is slacking on this job). (babubhai skip the following part) Those who wish can join me in putting forth your views on this series.
The purple color stands for bad performance.
The Green stands for good performance.
The red is the grade.

1. SN: career test average: 27.56
Test series average: 9.75 way below his average.
He didn't play in ODIs because of his dismal performance in the WC. His test performance only proclaimed that he is out of touch. 32, 1, 2 and 4 averages to below 10. Anything above “F” would be a shame.

2. JO: Career test average: 22. Career ODI average: 24.29
Test series average: 19.66. ODI series average: 45.5.
Had a king pair. Well to be fair the second one was a blunder by the Australian umpire by a big margin. A score of 9 would put him with par (his average). His knock of 80 in that condition was his best ODI innings. That remains the highest run scored by any BD player in this series (both test and ODI). Highest run scored by the top order. With 3 single digit test scores (out of 4) I can’t grade him over C+.

3. Tamim: Career ODI average: 18.73
ODI series average: 26.
He is the most generous person in BD lineup. He gives his wickets at gift wrapped with red ribbons. It is time for him to be the man and become as stingy as possible. The starts are there but then…. B.

4. Habibul Bashar: Career test average: 33.53. Career ODI average: 21.68
Test series average: 11.5. ODI series average: 21.5.
(Now I know how hard it is to write positive notes) The once king of the herd has become out casted. The second ODI score of 43 of 88 balls only gives the false notion of him being in-form. The Indians were happy for him playing that way. That ensured the series victory. His test innings was something to forget. The decisions of not to attack in the 1st ODI while fielding, not to attack on the 2nd ODI while batting, not to attack in 1st test's 2nd innings and not to bat first in the 2nd test made sure India go out victoriously without a fight in both form of game. F.

5. Ashraful: Career test average: 24.35. Career ODI average: 21.94
Test series average: 24. ODI series average: 20.5.
The batting in first ODI was simply what the doctor ordered. The batting in the last innings was not I wanted him to do. I wanted one whole session batting from him. I could have said then he has matured. Not trying to break Viv’s record. But now I can only say he has much to learn and need to have faith on his teammates to build partnership. B-

6. Sakib: Career test average: 24. Career ODI average: 43.8
Test series average: 24. ODI series average: 27.5.
In test he had to come in when BD was respectably 7/4 and 10/3. Under stress I say he did what was necessary. This was his debut series. Expecting more would be foolish when the big guns failed to deliver. B.

7. Aftab: Career ODI average: 26.63
ODI series average: 28.
Talented player don’t know his own potential. He can single handedly take BD to places where all our dreams can come true. The starts are there. Then gifting his wicket away with one too many shots. He has the potential to hit every ball to hit for 4. However, he doesn’t realize he don’t have to. B

8. Rajin: Career test average: 22.
Test series average: 29.71.
The class is there. With the limited opportunity he had he showed he is one of the pieces for Bangladesh's dream test team. His catch of Dravid alone would give him a permanent position in the field for years to come. A

9. Mash: Batting: Career test average: 12.05. Test series average: ***50.33***.
Career ODI average: 17.32. ODI series average: ***42***.
Bowling: Career test average: 37.57. Econ: 3.19. Test series average: 38.83 Econ: 3.61
Career ODI average: 29.14 Econ: 4.57. ODI series average: 57. Econ: 5.7
A+ just by batting. Got a fifer in test 1. 13 month lapse is all bullsh*t excuse. he wasn't playing test cricket in secrect hideouts all this time. Either you can bat or you can't. I have not seen any player averaging 3 or 4 folds more than his actual average.

10. Mohammad Rafique: Batting: Career test average: 21.12. Test series average: 10.66
Career ODI average: 13.52. ODI series average: 12.
Bowling: Career test average: 37.53. Econ: 2.72 Test series average: 51.16 Econ: 3.98
Career ODI average: 38.75. Econ: 4.39 ODI series average: 35.3 Econ: 5.3
Highest wicket taker in ODI and Test. Over all B-.

11. Rasel: Batting: Career test average: 5.5. Career ODI average: 5
Bowling: Career test average: 26.64. Econ: 4.21. Test series average: no wickets. Econ 4.7
Career ODI average: 37.92 Econ: 4.06. ODI series average: 28.75 Econ: 6.05
Unlucky not to have few more wickets in both form of the game. In this type of pitch he did what was expected of him. His average is way better than his career average. However, he became more expensive. B-.

12. Shahadat: Batting: Career test average: 8.6. Career ODI average: 5
Bowling: Career test average: 37.57. Econ 4.41. Test series average: 21.2 Econ: 4.24
Career ODI average: 29.14. Econ: 5.01. ODI series average: 43 Econ: 6.14
The lanky one got it all. Now all he needs to develop is a little swing. Fifer in test 1 was as deserving as one can get. He was sorely missed in the second test. Both his average and econ rate in test has improved in this series. He stats for ODI don't do justice to the talent he has. B+

13. Abdur Razzak: Bowling: Career ODI average: 22.61. Econ: 3.92. ODI series average: 47. Econ: 4.95
Expectation was high. At home he should have done better. 19 overs 94 runs with only two wickets don’t make him the same World Class Abdur Razzak we know. He has given more than an extra run per over in this series and his averaged doubled. Not good at all. D.

14. Enam Jr.:Bowling: Career test average: 39.46. Econ: 3.92. Test series average: no wickets. Econ: 4.06.
I know it was only one match and basically he bowled for just one innings however not getting a wicket is not an option for a strike spinner. 16 overs 65 runs. Over 4 per over no wickets. He has failed in his primary job. The problem lies he didn't create any half chances. He was our master spinner who loops and varies the ball and keeps the batsmen guessing. Most of the guessing was done by Enam himself. F.

15. Mohammad Sharif: Bowling: Career test average: (Cricinfo messed up data from the scorecard with the tall Sharif)
I blame the selectors to make this type of mistake on pulling someone with that type of short notice. He had done more than some of us expected. He would need some more time. The pace is not there. The swing is not there. After a long break and asking him of so much is unfair. C.

16. Mushfiqur Rahim: Career ODI average: 28.9
ODI series average: 36.
There are places he can improve. A serious WKing training is needed for him to be the only choice for BD. Putting weight in which foot when the ball is being delivered is not a guessing game. That saves the fraction of the second that is necessary to take a diving catch on both sides. B.

17. K Mashud: Career test average: 19.12.
Test series average: 11.66.
Good that the selectors picked Mashud in this series. Now it is clear that he is no better than Mushfiq at glove work. The over through at the keepers end was painfull to watch. That average he had should scream out “a replacement is eminent.” D-.

Grading is necessary in order to get the future selection correct. Those who don't like my grading it is better you put your own grading and reasonings instead of attacking my post. You don't have to agree with me and I don't have to agree with you. Thank you.
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