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I am not concerned about the Palestinians because they are muslims. I could care less about their religion as far as my take on the issue is concerned. Of course, religion plays a big role in this. You have angry, bigoted Jews on one side who think Israel is their "God given" country as written in the Old Testament and equally delusional muslims on the other side, some of whom become suicide bombers.

Religion, if it is not the root of all these evils, at least plays a very big part in deteriorating the geo-politico-economical crises between these two peoples. Religion and patriotism are the two most evil, brainwashing tools that powerful people use to rile up ignorant masses to accomplish their agenda.

I am concerned of the Palestinians because they have been unethically and inhumanly given the raw end of the deal.

I also support the European Jews, IN A DIFFERENT CONTEXT, that is, when they were oppressed and persecuted in Europe and ultimately subjected to the holocaust.

But Zionism is a different story.

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