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Originally posted by fab
They declared their independence based on military strategy, at a point when they felt confident enough to defeat the Arabs and drive armless Palestinians over the new "border" that they just made up out of thin air. The goal was to grab as much land as possible.
So now comes to Furqaan's point. Were the Arabs in the right when they invaded in 1948, and then in the 1967? These two failed wars resulted in more loss of land for them!
The Arab countries didn't "attack" in 1948. They actually retaliated to protect Palestinians from the Zionist military attacks. The Zionists, having declared their state, were driving Palestinians out of the malleable, ever-changing Israeli "border". The use of the term "border" is not really appropriate. Zionists were basically grabbing as much land as they could, by depopulating Palestinian villages through force, killing and driving away hundreds of thousands of armless native people who lived in those areas for hundreds of years.

There are three parties here. The arms-heavy zionists, the armless Palestinians and the armies from neighboring Arab countries.

The zionists had better local production of ammunition and weapons, had been preparing for a war for a long time and had a clear strategy.

The arab armies came from different countries with different agendas (some arab countries were more interested in grabbing the land than protecting the Palestinians). They were not united and their flow of arms and manpower was slow since their sources were situated in far away lands across the deserts.

What should have the Palestinians done? Let the zionists kill them and drive them away from their homeland without any fuss? What should have the Arab countries done? Suck their thumbs and let the zionists take over Palestine?

Anyhow, what I don't understand is, why Israel is permitted to build settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.. And why no one objects (apart from the suicide bombers).
That's an extremely naive view of reality, devoid of any sense of history.

Israel is "permitted" to build settlements because Israel has been backed by the US since late sixties. The UN did not give any permission to Israel to build settlements. Israel has been condemned in the UN innumerous times for her breach of agreements. But the US has saved her and sided with her every time. Over the years, the US vetoed 29 security council resolutions to protect Israel from the intervention of UN on bahalf of the rest of the world.

Suicide bombers are very late by-products (these didn't start until the 90s) of a system where Palestinians have been oppressed in inhuman conditions for more than five decades. Their protests have fallen to deaf ears for such a long time that some of them have taken the extermist, lunatic path of suicide.

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