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Originally posted by al Furqaan
you really spent a lot of time on this.

you gave the evidence and i said i would change my views but whatever wrong or illegal way the jews obtained palestine as their nation, they still derserved a nation. this is a complex issue and i think that we should negotiate for peace. im not saying that we should surrender but we should opt for a palestinian state with jerusalem as our capital. if we lay down our arms then perhaps they will give it to us. if not, then i dont know what to do...the situation will not solved until jesus (AS)returns.
here is what i think about your comment:

* there is a huge difference between asking for home for a homeless person and throughing the current inhabitant out in order to give home to a homeless person. if israel needs home, its them who should beg for it, not the arabs.
* your way of peace won't work on them. isrealis are bad to the root. they way the obtained it proves that, there is no way they will give palestine state peacefully.
if u go back from shakespare and oscer wild, whenever they need to portraited a villene, they showed it as jewes, every wonder why? (don't ask me for evedence, i know only "the marchant of venice", but i'm picking it from someone else).
* all they ever poposed about palestine state is like "swice cheese". a real country can't build on that.
*the only way i see the east west conflict ends is to saudi's have neuclear weapon. if u keep your door open, theaves will come. and the biggest fault of today's muslines is not being strong enough. so the only way to stay safe is to stay strong.
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