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Man, don't give me the "mature" bs. Sticking to the topic and providing thought-provoking posts with well-researched opinions and data is maturity. Nagging relentlessly about petty, useless stuff like the forum form factor, size of pics, use of language, download time, and then giving warnings about such stuff is childish.


Back to the topic: From the pictures it is pretty evident that the UN Partition Plan in 1947 was horribly biased. And the reason it went through was because the US (probably due to the pressure of the Jewish lobby here) actually coaxed out votes from smaller countries in the security council on the partition plan. But it was not unanimously agreed upon. All the Arab nations rejected the plan. A lot of countries abstained from voting.

Zionists, on the other hand, declared Israel's independence before the partition plan was finalized and was still being debated on. Zionists based the date of their independence based on the closing date of the British Mandate. Well, the problem is that the British Mandate was de facto invalid since the problem was transferred to the UN a long time ago. The question is then why pre-Israel zionists specifically chose that date. The answer lies in the fact that zionists had been preparing for a war for a long time and building her own army and ammunition. They declared their independence based on military strategy, at a point when they felt confident enough to defeat the Arabs and drive armless Palestinians over the new "border" that they just made up out of thin air. The goal was to grab as much land as possible.
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