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Originally posted by Arnab
Originally posted by Zunaid
Arnab, that was completely uncalled for. A reasonably polite remonstration from Chinaman and all you can do is lash out with vituperations?

I am usually, and perhaps excessivley, tolerant but this even exceeds my high threshold.

Consider this an official warning.

Yes, I am putting on my Fascist Moderator hat.

- Zunaid
Whatever. Chinaman's arguments about slow download etc. were unreasonable. Even if you follow the link, the pictures will load at the same speed. And I also put a disclaimer about the pic size before I posted them.

What irked me was his nagging penchant of "nak golano" in every afffair.


Orpheus: Good job on the [].
Had you phrased your response like the above, it should have been fine.

However, "whatever" has no truck with me and you don't get off that easy. I am still waiting a mature response to your post.

And you are digging yourself deeper in the muck with that peurile dig at Orpheus. That could be taken as strike two.
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