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SMHasan bhai,

1. Could you please remove the second picture as it is taking up too much space.

2. The picture of Dhaka is a normal picture not taken during match time. However it is amader rajdani and the centre of all Bangladeshis and the biggest and best Bengali city in the world even more than Calcutta which was the capital of British India.

3. Sushmita Sen's picture was there because I had to have a female Bengali (and I don't like either Hasina or and in those pictures she was wearing traditional Bengali dress which is a sari. West Bengalis are supporting us so we should show some appreciation for that. Sport can help to bring bridges and I would like to see good relations with all our neighours including India, Myanmar as well as Nepal and Bhutan.

Thanks to all West Bengalis for buying TIGERS shirts and supporting our team, let's hope TIGERS continue to make us even more proud.

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