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Default Here I go

(if you wanna read about cricket, it's after 2/3 paragraphs, before that it's just rubbish)

"Good muslims?" - HAHAHAH. Yeah, they are the BEST, *wink* *wink*, What the heck is he doing in America then ? You should have reported the guy for offending you. Sued his *** for suggesting that we need to be with them - it sounded more like they are planning a takeover. Blame on bombing on either them or the other sorry arse we share a border with. You never hear about the loads of innocent farmers they picked up or simply murdered over the last 30 years, have you ? What offends me the most about people is the EGO. How, people are so blind by that ego that they only see wrong in the other side and cry foul when they get a little taste of their own medicine.

By the way, India's third class team ? I'd ask the guy to look at our tour results 2 years back. TUSHER scored a DOUBLE CENTURY again their first class side playing for Bangladesh A. I don't think any of our batsmen can score that many runs against any first class sides from any other country, not on their home soil. Ignorance is bliss. The problem with most ignorant fools - you give 'em facts and they'll just raise their voice to win the arguement. You seen us score 400 against any other teams ? What does that say about their team ?

WE HAVE THE TALENT, WE WERE GOING THE RIGHT DIRECTION. The world cup year was our best year (not because we beat Pakistan but because we were playing like MEN) and the national league was getting promising. Unfortunately it did not last, mostly due to lack of initiative from BCB, actually, it was all due to lack of initiative from BCB.

We are getting worse and what do they do ? Instead of expanding the national league, our only first class tournament, BCB has turned into a farce by making it a FIVE matche league. THAT IS IT. How are we going to build our players ? Where are they going to come from ? What happened to the SCHOOL TEST championship or the JUNIOR national league I asked Mr. Saber to look into 3 years ago ? Instead, that money went into a LAVISH party for the BCB officials and their families. IDIOTS. Another idea I gave was to have a BCB website with all the national and league stats in there. I bet they get lot more ideas like that from regular Joes like you and me and what do they do with it ? NOTHING. That's where they are taking us.

The team we had 3 years ago may not have the Rokons, Ashrafuls or Kapalis but it had heart and it played to it's ability and if it were to play the current lot now, it'd win by an innings cause it doesn't take much to blow our boys away. They have some kind of mental block that is just not letting them come out of their shells.

I say we bring in that Shrink as soon as the second test is over.
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