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Default It makes depressing reading, but let\'s not get scared just yet

Wisden's article (written by an Indian) and the feedback (primarily by Indians) isn't exactly going to be seen by anyone as adequate grounds on which to demote Bangladesh to Associate status. Only the ICC can do it. Yes, maybe we're not preapred now, but we will be. We just have to take the right steps in the right direction. Unfortunately, given the events of late I'm not tremendously encouraged. Nonetheless, one should always try to remain optimistic.

Besides, who gives a toss about Indians anyway? With the military, political and economic power that they wield in the Subcontinent, they should be playing a more brotherly, compassionate and helpful role. But these people are just as cultured or uncultered as certain Pakistani louts that I know, so let's not expect any better of them. By the way, anybody care to explain why a nation of 1.2 billion cannot produce a decent cricket team? Given the pool they can draw from and the aeons they've been playing for, they should be World Champions from now until Judgement Day. They should face the truth: they're bulls*** too. But Indians and Pakis have nothing better to do than compare themselves with other shitty countries. In a world of blind people, the one-eyed man is king; so go-eth the saying.
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