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I think Wisden are going overboard. As for Indian arrogance, it pisses me off too! When WI beat dem on their own turf, their excuse was the injuries, when WI were without Lara, Hooper for 1 game, Collins etc. Back to the point though, Bangladesh succombed to an extraordinary piece of bowling! So what! Other teams have succombed to 1 bowler. England were bowled out for 46 by Ambrose!!!!!! Do I see anyone questioning their status! Give Bangladesh time! they will come up with the goods. Just look at my time, written off by everybody as has beens and cast off to the bottom end of the cricket world. We just put faith in our youngsters ( Sarwan, Samuels, Gayle, Hinds, Lawson etc), and gave them the chance to learn international cricket, and now look at how they are doing! Bangladesh are a talented young team who just need to learn to apply themselves! One brilliant spell of bowling does not change that in my opinion!
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