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Default Corrupt BC members

Since the crusade against corruption in BD has started, let us also take the opportunity in exposing the members of BC who are corrupt, or were involved in some sort of corruption in the past. We cannot let this BC forum to be a safe haven for criminals :P

So come on all the brave outspoken BC members tell us if you did any crime in the past or not? given or taken bribe? forged documents? chintai, chadabaji, maastaani, churi, dakati, tax faki, utility bill faki and what not. Lets hear it all.

As for me, I do remember in the year 1999 I paid money to a dalal in front of the passport office to get my passport renewed within hours instead of waiting who knows how many days to get that done, and I was scared until I got the passport back that he might run away with my passport I could not go back to the U.S. of A.
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