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Default {ancient thread} Bangladesh First test cricket win

Bangladesh have come a lot of road from their one sided defeat in the test side but they still have long way to go for the first test win.

Let us analysis how is it possible for the Bangladesh cricket team to have their first test win. Let us also see which team is it possible for the Bangladesh to have their first cricket win

Bangladesh had almost scared Pakistan in the test series with a almost win. They have also given India a scare in their first test by scoring 400 runs but they could not make the match to draw because of their second innings batting.

We can see that in most matches the Bangladesh are not able to score in the second innings than the first innings. In think Bangladesh should have 5 specialist batsman, 1 wicket keeper who could bat very well like they are having now, 2 to 3 all rounders make it geniune one that could bat and ball and 3 to 4 wicket taking bowlers.

Let us see where and which country Bangladesh have the probability of having the win. Sad to say I donot think Bangladesh would be able to beat Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe in the test series. They might be able to draw a test may be. Only possibility of wining in the test is at home.

So Bangladesh should play with the countries in HOME for the test winning. If Bangladesh play more cricket at home there might be a greater chance for improvement, development, and the possibility of a win in the test. I think currently they have only India to play cricket at home.

One of the way to get more matches at home is playing a test series at home and in the visitors country.
for eg: Bangladesh should call Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Srilanka, India. etc for a two test matches at home and a mutual benefit for the visitor by playing two test matches at their country

I think they should call Zimbabwe to play in Bangladesh because I think they have greater chance of gettting a win over them at Bangladesh.

It would also be great to ask Asian countries like Pakistan, Srilanka, and India to play 1 or 2 test in Bangladesh. They will surely will be eager to help by playing matches. Moreover they might rest the key players and probably send a side A like team with 5 to 6 players rested and giving chance to youngsters and backup players. Here Bangladesh gets more probability of getting a win. Not only that here the invidual perfomances of the Bangladesh players get improved and brings them more confidence and they will be able to play greatly after that.

I strongly thinks Bangladesh should call Kenya for a 3 ODI before this year and should play 3 ODI in their country. Kenya is already thinks that they are better players than Bangladesh. We should conduct series by helping the teams both Kenya and Bangladesh to prove who is better

Looking forward for your suggestions
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