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Default double series or tri series which is better ?

First we will look at Australian series
It is 3 teams playing 4 times each other with best of 3 finals with total 15 ODI or about 10 matches for each team
I think this format is good as it give more rest for the team between matches and the matches are completed in about 35 to 40 days

Now for the test 4 to 2 test matches for each team. I think instead of four matches for a team it should be given 3 test matches ie for eg Zimbabwe play 3 test matches India play 3 test matches

South African
4 to 5 test matches 7 ODI usually for a team
this is too much
I think if there is Australian format it would be better because tri series are better than the two country playing because it would be more intresting to watch and the one side match concept is reduced to some extend

4 test match 7 ODI for a country and 2 to 3 test and 3 ODI for another country. I think this is not good format. If the test matches are leveled 3 to 3 matches for each country it would be better to watch 4 test matches for a visiting country is too much
7 ODI that is the wrong format either they have to contact a tri series or they have to make the ODIs in the format 5 to 5 matches

Now what I would prefer
I would prefer triseries that like Australian way more matches around 15 matches completed in 35 to 40 days compared to 7 matches completed in 22 to 25 days or 5 matches completed in 9 to 15 days. Moreover in the triseries when one country plays another country the third country can rest and also practise and if the fail in a match they will have time to prepare for another matches

Australia is also doing 3 test matches usually in June July I think what they should do is cut a test match into 3 ODI. ie 2 test and 3 ODIs

I think the Australian format takes 4 month season for tri series + 1 month for June July season with rest among ODIs totally 5 months with 18 ODIs and around 9 to 10 tests
I think this format would be the best if followed by other countries
Looking for your opinion on this

Should there be triseries ODIs or a double series ODIs?

Should players play 7 ODI on a slot against a country or 3 to 5 ODI in a triseries?

Looking forward for your opinions
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