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Default Players are complaining of work load should there be rotation system

Now a days
Players who are playing permanently are complaining of work load
Players with talent are complaining they are not able to get place in the team or they are not able to play number of matches as they wished to be
Some players are telling they are playing lots of matches so that they do not have time to spend with the family or for rest. There are lots of injuries coming
Some players are telling they have talent because there should all be only fixed number of players they are not able to get into the national team
If a player get injured or retired, then there will be a substitute player with very less experience between 10 to 20 matches It may took more times to get experience and if there are 2 or 3 injuries then the team will be struggling
A substitute player might be travelling with the team for 2 to 4 years but his experience will be only 10 to 20 matches
How about ending all these
How about giving enough opportunities for the talented cricketers
How about preventing injuries
How about giving enough rest to the players
How about making the players physically and metally fit
How about reducing the workload
what is the anwer for all these above questions
There is only one answer
It is not reducing the matches
It is about giving the players rest and enough opportunities
It is about bringing more quality players
It is all about bringing standard in the players and getting more substitutions

The answer is
Rotating the players so that they get enough rest and enough matches

I think if it is come into true it would be a great idea

Especially giving rest for the players by rotating, than the players get rest by injuries

Especially when the injuries will be less by rotating the players

I am really looking forward about your opinions and suggestions on this matter

Ajith Lal M
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