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Few observations about midterm election:

1. Tremendous win - was it a tremendous win for Donald Trump as he claimed? Not tremendous, but not a bad result either, especially when compared to how Obama and Bush 43 did during their midterms.

2. This election has again proved that when voters are given the choice between a Republican and a Republican lite, they will choose a Republican. That is why Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Donnelly, and Claire McCaskill lost their senate seats. The 90's Clintonesque blue dog formula of moving to the right will not win democrats election anymore, unless of course someone is a con artist of Obama's caliber.

3. Sherrod Brown, who is a progressive, cruised to victory in Ohio. He proved that the three losers above could have retained their seats by providing a progressive vision/policy positions for their constituents.

4. Corporate media still panders to the idea that Democrats are losing due to moving too far to the left. They are quick to point out the loss of Beto O'Rourke of Texas, Andrew Gillum of Florida, and Richard Ojeda of West Virginia. What the corporate media intentionally leave out is the run for money these candidates have given - and that has been possible only because of moving to the left. Beto lost by 3 points only, Gillum did not lose yet, and Ojeda closed a gap of +49 to +13 points.

5. For those who are thinking Dems will pass some left leaning policies at House are living in fool's paradise. One only needs to listen to the victory speeches of Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi to understand how clueless they are. They will swiftly bow down before King Donald in every bill that will help corporations in the name of bipartisanship. With their house majority, what they will do is political theatrics. Like Kavanaugh hearing - the end result of which will be Trump victory.

About 2020 election:

1. Hillary Clinton most likely will run again only to be humiliated like never before.

2. Kamala Harris and Corey Booker will run -the FRAUDs - and lose they shall like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz in 2016.

3. Biden will run. He has been running since the 80s, but the uncle of America will remain 10% Biden as Trump calls him. He will not win the primary.

4. Richard Ojeda has declared he will run. A fiery speaker, but far behind in name recognition. Has no chance.

5. Tim Kaine might run. Another plastic politician - will get his clock cleaned like Jeb Bush.

6. Beto O'Rourke will run. He has proved to be a master of small donation fund raising. He is tall, handsome, looks presidential, and progressive. He has a chance.

7. Elizabeth Warren will run. She has proved to be a masterclass in being a progressive while not burning the bridges with corporate democratic party heads. She has a great chance, but not sure if voters (Bernie bros) will forgive her for not endorsing Bernie in 2016.

8. Two other fradus - Michael Bloomberg and Michael Avenatti will run - but they will go nowhere.

9. Sherrod Brown and Tulsi Gabbard are considering run too. They probably will not win the primaries, but both are good candidates for VPs.

10. Bernie Sanders will run. And the most popular politician has the greatest chance to win the primary. Unless there are shenanigans like of 2016, it will be very tough to deny him the nomination this time.

Can Bernie beat Trump? It has proven to be very difficult to unseat a seating president, but if there is one polician I bet on beating Trump, it will be Bernie.

How successful will Bernie be as President? Probably not much, because the whole system will be against him. His situation will be like Lula of Brazil. But if he can deliver even a few progressive victories like mediocre for all, free college, and minimum wage, he will go down as a great president.
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