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4.6 Al-Hasan to Boycott, no run. What drama!! An arm bowl this time, the batsman goes for the front foot defense but misses it altogether. The ball beats the bat and the pad and goes on to hit the middle stumps. He's bowled him!! But wait!! The bells aren't dislodged, as if they've been welded with the stumps. Different expressions on the field. The fielding side looks as if they've seen a ghost in broad daylight.
Huge discussion going around in the commentary box. Laxman Sivaramakrishnan is explaining something about I'm guessing is force, mass and acceleration. Athar Ali Khan is suggesting there might also be relativity involved in it, and Russel Arnold is quickly going through his class X science text book.
End of 5 overs.
Mystery XI: 54/4
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