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Originally Posted by Rabz
It is a domestic cricket league in India, what do you prefer its comparison should be based upon, snowboarding in Hawaii?
I'm not disagreeing compared to other cricket leagues IPL is the most successful one. But Modi dared to even go as far as to compared it to Nba, Nfl. He even said its already more succesful compared to EPL at its early days. So lets...

But we all know the obvious answer to that. And that's not what I'm arguing.

Originally Posted by Rabz
Ofcourse it is not perfect. It can have failures too, but don't think not having simultaneous multiple games would be one of the factors causing it. As a matter of fact, it might quite be the opposite.

Which part of simple economics you didn't get ?
Yes, they could have started not just two but 5 games at once, today and every day.
What stops then ?

Revenue from viewership and sponsors.
ROI is higher for the investors when the viewership is uncontested, uninterrupted and undivided. That means IPL can charge more for each game compared to what it could have if there were 2 games at a time.
So much is the power of this uncontested viewership in the Indian media industry, the super annoying "purposely sent from hell" indian channel Star Plus is spending a whopping INR 50 Crore on IPL advertisement with their boundary line digital billboards and prize money at the end of each game where the prize is being paid by one of their numerous soap opera stars.

Why ? Because the prime time TV slot will be dominated by IPL for the next two months and this is their strategic move to be in touch with their viewers with a constant reminder to come back to them after the IPL show ends.

Quality/Quantity ? The number of matches does not change if the frequency of match increases. So it doesn't have any impact on it.
I don't think we understand what I was getting at. I am not saying running more than one game will make it better or worse, I frankly don't care about what would be best for IPL. That was never the point I was trying to make. I only want them to speed up the schedule.

But since you wanna talk about whats best, running multiple games won't hurt them either. If they run 4 games, then IPL will run on 4 different network instead of one, they can dominate prime time on more than one station. Instead of one, 4 stations will pay to broadcast matches, and more ch also means more room for commercials. More games a day = more sources for money.

But again, IDC about any of that though. My point is when a mini league like this runs for over 2 months, it says something about the slowness of the schedule. You talk about that window, they shouldn't be allowed such a long window, just so they can run one game a day.
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