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Dillu, stop complaining. Stop comparing.

You dont have to "get it", cuz surely they have "figured it out".
You better try to figure out how they got it.
Its a billion dollar domestic tournament, successfully running into its 6th year.

Its just not an apple v apple, if you are comparing it with other domestics leagues around the world.
I dont follow NBL or MLB, so I dont know how many games they run every day/week.
But you seem to be leaving out the most basic and important factor, ie, commercial value of the media right.

The very foundation of survival for any sport is the commercial value it receives from the tv and other media rights, which depends on the number of viewership coupled with consumer purchase power and other factors.

Now if you compare an US or European league with that of India, just remember US has a per capita income of approx USD 48,000, compared to USD 3600 for an Indian. That is 13 Indian for every American, while the population in India is roughly about 3.5 times than that of US.
In America, where they can sustain a league with simultaneous multiple games might not be the scenario in India. IPL needs a much bigger audience than that of US or Europeans to sustain their billion dollar tag.

Another factor is strategic. During session 1, IPL was much shorter and finished much quickly. But as they have become more stable and grown in stature, they have in de-facto, created this IPL window in the international cricket calender and now simply exerting that power.
None of the major cricket teams have any international schedule during the IPL session, with only England V NZ test by the end of it, in mid May.

Like it or not, so far, it is working just fine for them.
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