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Originally Posted by MohammedC
So if Batisal wins they will not qualify for semi-final but will let DR through because DR beat them twice.

Alif group and Mohon miah are in major negotiation. Are they in similar business.
@Isnaad Thanks I dint know about the point system. I thought NRR comes first.

@ MoC bhai
If Barisal wins Rajshahi will go through because of NRR. Both Rangpur and Rajshahi will have equal points and have beaten each other once as well. I don't think anyone can influence anything on this matter.

From CI:
In the event of teams finishing on equal points and equal wins then:

01> When two (02) teams have equal points and equal wins, then team which was the winner of their matches played between them will be placed in the higher position. If the matches played between them cannot separate them (equal head to head win) or no result or abandoned, then the team with the higher net run rate in the league will be placed in the higher position.

02> When three (03) or more teams finish with equal points and equal wins in the league , then the team(s)which was(were)the winner of the most number of matches played between those equal teams in the league will be placed in the higher position(s). If after applying this criterion there are any teams which are still equal then such equal teams shall be ranked according to their net run rate in the league.
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