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January 18, 2020: The Bangladesh board has rejected India's request for a one-off Test later this month because it wants to rest its players before the marquee series against New Zealand in February.
The BCCI said it was "disappointed" by the cancellation but hoped the tour could be rescheduled whenever the BCB found it convenient.

"Our players are all playing in the Dhaka leagues, so they have a good grasp of the local conditions," said a BCCI spokesperson. "So when the tour does take place, Bangladesh can expect a tough fight. We won't roll over easily this time."

I hope this happens
হোঁচট খেয়েছি অনেকবার, তবুও হার মানিনি। বাঁধা এসেছে বারবার, তবুও থেমে থাকিনি। বাঘেরা জানে কিভাবে ঘুরে দাঁড়াতে হয়। আপনারা আমাদের সাথেই থাকুন... ইনশাল্লাহ আল্লাহ ও আমাদের সহায় হবেন। চলো বাংলাদেশ!
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