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Money is nothing unless it is spent well. BCB account is owned by BCB and piling up treasury will
not help fearing to pay a lot to a high-profile coach. BCB needs to assess what would be the best
investment while choosing an individual. They have to create target(vision), do some SWAT analysis and determine the milestones with a detailed time-line to reach the goal.

What can be the goal?
- Making domestic cricket really competitive
- Keeping a modest pipe-line of specialist players
- Winning a Test series
- or can be as ambitious as winning some future WC

Will they reach the goal? Nobody can tell as future is always uncertain. But ensuring the optimized use of resources available (in case pile of money) BCB can achieve their day-to-day targets more or less. Even with maximum utilization you may not reach the goal but you will get as close as possible which give you enough satisfaction rather than remaining depressed and complaining about luck, ICC and external factors.

For instance, if we want to win a test series in 2014, what aspects of our game needs ultimate care. They need to classify every such goal in minuscule detail and then put it in the job description while putting it into career board so when a specialist coach chooses to apply he knows exactly what would be his prime duties. Before the interview, gathering his cricketing wisdom he can come up with the strategy that will be needed to help BCB and the team to reach that/those.

Also wanted to add that such attempt will not suffice if it deviates from ICC schedule. So, while planning and putting it into detail to prospective candidates they need to remain shrewd to contain the reality factor, otherwise if the goal is too vague or seems unrealistic to achieve with current context (the whole cricketing domain of BD relative to other top countries), it will scare away any sensible bloke to apply.
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