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Originally Posted by MohammedC
So you support Lotus.
No I don't support Lotus. But the reality of BCB is today it will be Lotus tomorrow it will Fotus, day after it will be Someone else and not necssarily one will be any better than the other.

This is the reality of BCB. So the best way for BD player is understand the reality and not to miss any opportunity (when it comes).

Mehrab got his opportunity, and he also squandered his chance and career by becoming a drama queen. Then he got another chance, so he should be feel lucky,not victim.

There will always be raodblock (rightfully or wrongfully imposed to them), some cross the roadblock one way or another, others stop there and cry in front of roadbloack and play victim game. That's the difference between successful player and unlucky player.

To me consistently "unlucky" player is glorified version of "unsuccessful" player... it's kind of politely saying "you are no good at this level".
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