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And to add to that, we fans need to understand that this entire thing is a cycle of events.

There are several groups:

1) Cricket board
2) Franchise owners who themselves own companies
3) Fans
4) Cricketers.

No what is the purpose of BPL? Its supposed to be a tournament that attracts the interest of a wide group of people. Now the fans are the base, they are the one who want to watch some QUALITY T20 cricket. Now cricket board uses this lust to create a franchise based tournament with oppurtunities to companies to open a team. These franchises arrange the players. Now the fans money are filling the pockets of the others, and of-course, the cricketers. But if the fans dont watch then who will? Boycotts' grandmother? They want to watch some quality T20 players like hodge, gayle, mahmood....not no name pakistanis. The presence of such quality players will attract fans, and fans = money. Now if the quality was rubbish, not many would bother to watch the matches. And that means the tournament will be more like a normal t20 tournament like NCLT2O,PCL.....The locals players wont get to play in front of millions, against top players and ofcourse the struggle to improve themselves because they know a lot of money at stake

those who do not understand these dont know the value of such domestic leagues. Some of us(including myself) delusional Bd fans need to understand that we are a country with tons of mediocre players. Our best opener cannot even hit a single six despite getting so many full tosses! Our bowlers death bowling is beyond horrible. Nasir may be good in longer versions, but in T20s he lacks the ability to play big shots. Ziaur, the so called pollard of BD, slogs with his eyes closed and fields worse than lala unlike pollard who is an exceptional fielder and a batsman who can even hit the ball out of the ground without timing the ball and against decent bowlers not trundlers you find in our domestic circle.

Sometimes, the problem is in our mentality. We bangalis let our emotions do the talking, our comments are illogical. No wonder we bangladeshis are so poor in making strategies. 40 years ago dubai was basically a port city with most trade workers living there, now look at the transition.
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