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I dont why people make such silly statements regarding these matters. Each of these forms, Tests, ODIs and T20s have their own beauty.

Tests teaches you to always maintain your concentration, it tests one endurance, one's mental skill, their patience. Test is like a chess match, and not carrom, it is an art and only those who understand the sport fully will understand the beauty.

ODIs is another format which is shorter than tests making it more spectator friendly. This is one format which is like a mixture of both test and t20 cricket. This is the format where you get to know what changing of gears is all about, the very format where you can see everything from defensive cricket to slam and baam at the end of an innings.

T20s is an entertaining format, its rubbish to call it "Rubbish". T20 is one area which has given a new hope to the cricket world. People nowadays can enjoy a full t20 match without missing work and not to mention, a more exciting format where everything happens so quickly. T20 has brought cricket money, given oppurtunities for domestic cricketers to become famous as well.

Thx to T20, players like alfonso thomas, nannes, brad hodge are quite popular around the world. 10 years back no one cared about them....thats what t20 has done, its a good marketing oppurtunity for those involved. Fans love it, sponsors love it, cricketers getting exposure and money love it. No need to complain.
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