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Originally Posted by shakibrulz
No offense, but is this the stupidest ratings or what? Riyad A-, Gazi A+, Naeem F? Makes zero sense, even by the explanations you've given.
I think your one is a bit biased with your likings and dis-likings for some ..... First of all a player has to perform his primary role in the team and he gets no bonus for doing that. While one can get bonus for additional contribution but no penalties for not doing extra....

1. Tamim: C+ (Fielding and that 50)- OK
2. Anamul: B- (couple of 30 odd runs and the match winning ton)- OK
3. Nayeem: C- (Bowling okay, one 50 - shouldn't be near the ODI team)- Should be F as he didn't perform the task and you also conclude that he shouldn't be near ODI team
4. Mushfiq: B+ (leadership,scoring crucial runs - lost points for dropped catches, tactical screw ups)- Definitely A, if his captaincy would be a flawless he would have been A+
6. Riyad: A+ (Brilliant - could have gone on last match - but nevertheless the only BD batsman who looked proper solid out there. Bowled well too, and that runout, so can't fault him at all) - A because lack of intent @ #7
7. Mominul: C+ (Needs massive improvements with his shot selection and temperament, but bowled fine and batted OK)- Ok
8. Gazi: (A+, brilliant bowling, useful batting) OK
9. Sunny: C+ (Bowled okay, poor batting - he's better than this,what happened to his batting?)- Max C Bowled rubbish in 5th ODI and if you count the final circus he gets a C-
10. Razzak A (Very good bowling, crappy slogging and as usual fielding was derp)-OK
11. Nasir B- (Gets brownie points for stepping up under pressure, otherwise has been such a disappointment this series)- C+ Including brownie points, otherwise a C or less
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