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Originally Posted by maysun
Not long ago, we were asking for his head. Two matches under our belt and a motion to make him our permanent HC?
This kinda sums up the thread.

It is quite ridiculous to judge ANY head coach on results when they are inheriting a set up someone else implemented, good or bad. Law took a wait and see approach, Pybus didn't even wipe his face. The only person who has got to grips with the players has been Jamie Siddons in his 4 year stay. And when it came to it, Jamie Siddons lost his job because the 58 and 78 were too much to take as he was batting coach. The batsmen were just not improving.

I can tell you as a support coach that you have a huge role to play in your specialised department and any coach should be judged on this, as Jamie was.

Shane's time as bowling coach has been terribly disappointing. Even he would acknowledge that. Shane was also in charge of NZ bowling when they lost 4-0 on BD. In the past two seasons the BD pace attack, instead of getting better and being made secure, has just dropped away. In the national team he has virtually no one left to work with.

I like Shane as a bloke. Very nice guy. I can understand why he might be popular with the players as he most likely let's them do what they wish and is probably not allowed to change anything. It would be good to see in 6 months time if has been able to make a difference as interim HC and then assess if he is someone who can be a leader. I suspect Shane isn't leading, though, at this time as he won't have normal HC powers.
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