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Originally Posted by Sohel
Not at all surprised to see this trigger happy post from someone who calls himself Kohli_Sox. The negative and puerile nick suggests disturbing malice towards a player made even more malicious by the presumption that you may be Bangladeshi. I'm not sure how healthy such bitterness can be for anyone.

Anyway, you are certainly entitled to your opinion just like everyone else, but I find your assertions about both players to be quite premature to say the least. Both are promising young players. I'd like to see Pujara to sustain his form and class and do just as well in more challenging conditions abroad over time. Kohli's test numbers haven't caught up to his incredible ODI and T20I numbers yet but I think that's just a mater of time. He did exceptionally well in Australia and I think we'll see him replicate that form and class more consistently a lot sooner than expected.
Epic tasting moment. I've said Kohli wont be successful in test not only because I don't like him as a person. Get the facts right before making such comments. I wish I visited this thread more earlier. Anyways I am proving to be right more and more so with every test matches. I wish him success though because India atm need him.

Also I have noticed that you basically attack a poster in many of your posts if that poster doesn't tend to agree with you rather than providing any actual information. You should understand that a forum is for general discussion and about arguing. It's not to be taken personal like all the time you do. Argument is healthy for forum growth and that's for what forums exist in the first place.
Back to the argument. I'll show you how to post and justify your point rather than attacking a poster.

Kohli got into Indian team riding on his mainly under 19 shorter version performance. When you look at Pujara's and Kohli's FC numbers, there is a telling story. Kohli played only around 40 FC games with an average of 50 which is definitely on the higher side but with comparing to other Indian talents going around it's on lower side. Pujara has played 70 FC games and has some big scores under his belt e.g. 302* with an average of 56, Rahane has an avg of 63. Kohli while also being tremendously successful in shorter version and shown class there but this doesn't automatically qualify him to be successful in the long run in Tests. He still doesn't have that skill how to play or build in longer version. His temperament perfectly suits for only shorter version imo.

Last of all, putting Kohli in the same category as Amla is a joke. If the thread title only suggested it's only confined to "ODIs", it would have been perfectly all right. Amla is a world class test player and certainly on his way of becoming an ATG. Amla is in the league of Cook, Clarke and Smith for this era. Better quickly change the thread title imho to save the face.

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