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Originally Posted by nadim 98

Mushy: Ki Marlon, ajke century na parle parti na....tore last 2 matche double sentury marte ditam.
Samuel: ar beta my president comes first. tui ke?
mushy: (sad face)...ja shala, tore dekhi eibar bpl e kun dol ney...
Samuel: kadish na babu...series amrai jitbo
jotil @nadim98..following my 2 cents

Mushy: That was a great batting. Congratulations. Your captain must be happy. I want a player like you in my team. We also have two great batsmen, one is missing. Our bowlers did good but fielders dropped catches. Regardless, you batted really good.
Samuel: Thank you my boy! Great captancy(!) I appreciate it.
Mushy: Any time I am improving day by day and we have some great players who are doing really good.
Samuel: That's great. Your guys playing good cricket. But we will win the series.
Mushy: Really. good luck. I have some very good players who will throw some challenges in next few matches.
Samuel: That's great to know too. By the way, will you make the crucial decision in next few matches also.
Mushy: Ofcourse. I have some great players who can contribute when it matters (unfortunatley one key player is missing) I will definitely use them to make any subsequent impact that will improve our team performances
Samuel: Very good. I like your management style..very polished and cute(I was expecting he will ask me atleast how to bat like me, he seems to be happy what his team players doing so let him just do the captancy the way he does it..I don't mind at all hehehehe). By the way, it's ok you lost you will win someday (after this series is over)
Mushy: Thank you. It's my pleasure. I am happy that you like my captancy, talking and cuteness style. I have been doing it since I took the big burden but good thing is I have some good players and emerging players who are playing really well for me and I led them very well. No worries all is good team players can go through rough patches sometimes, our key players will perform when it matters and I will ensure the key players keep playing their 'natural' game and win will come..I am confident they will regain their forms in upcoming games in distant future but not that far away...things looking good to me and I am positive

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