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Yeah seems like a bowler who will really more on accuracy and consistency. In other words a traditional Bangladeshi spinner who waits for batsmen to make mistakes-Rafique, Shakib, Razzak all fall in this category. They bowl accurately, pin the batsmen down, frustrate them and wait for them to make mistakes. Sohag seems to fall in the same category.

I am still dreaming of seeing a Bangladeshi spinner who will beat batsmen with skill, and force dismissals rather than waiting for the batsman to make a mistake. It requires spinners with attacking mindset. Sth Warne, Murali, Kumble, Harbhajan, McGill, Vettori, Saqlain did. In modern day cricket you can see Swann, Ajmal, Ashwin, Herath do the same. And in form Shakib can force dismissals. Enamul is another bowler who can do that. This is where Saqlain Mushtaq can really help. Sohag seems to have the basics, now he must be taught to attack. And for that he needs to improve his armory with variation
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