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Well done to Bang for fighting back after Barcley and Hope had built a threatening partnership, but it was the same old thing really, i did say it was down to Hope and Fletcher because the rest are just rookies in the main with not much Fc experience at all, if Lesporis was in the team i think our chances would have been much better because Blackwood coming in at four is an utter disaster,

to have any chance we're gonna need these two at the crease to put on at the very minimum 60 runs tomorrow, after that it will be up to Permaul who is a very decent batter i must say, at the end of the day though the key of these games is to identify at least one or two players that can realistically step up to the A-team level and then test level, and i think in Hope, Permaul and Cotterrell we may have found them, and thats the most important thing at the end of the day.
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