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Originally Posted by KnightBD
Just playing alongside of Mathews would have been a much better preparation that playing all those crap teams in no-pressure practice matches in a wicket that has nothing similar to WC pitches..

and for those who are in "favor" of mushi, put your sentiment away and grow up. are the rest of the BD team players are babies that cannot fly without their captain or morally become weak if captain is not with them? what do you think the captain will do during the flight? what sort of motivation you are talking about? players dont have motivation if captain is not with them? who gives a cr*p? tamim? sakib? if someone needs captain to fly with him, he is not mentally strong enough to play in intl level. stop those emotional thing that mushi must go with the team as a captain. not that he will miss any game if he flies a day later. the first game is not before 6th. totally unprofessional from mushi.
take it easy man i guess you are getting more emotional than mushi!

regarding practice by playing SLPL- he had already been playing for two weaks, so i guess playing just another game wouldn't have made him any more battle hardened...and to add to it...there is one thing to practice by yourself by playing for a team another to practice as a team....regarding the opposition of the practice games- dont know much about their quality.....i guess time will tell...and the pitches in wi are generally flat as well....probably practicing as a team in srilanka would be better but everything you want in life is not possible so one has to choose from the alternatives...

regarding flying with team part- mushi made a decision and one should respect that- nobody would really care (except some ) if mushi joined late...but the fact is that he decided to care and he has the right to do so....i would give you an analogy if i invite some friends to dinner at my place- thats because i cared to do so not because they were going hungry,,,,

regarding doing a job (mushi playing slpl)- nobody has the right to bull crap me weather i should take a job or leave it.....but was it fair on the nagas..probably not and since mushi is not a high value target whom people are running after with money may not turn out to be a good career move as far as slpl is concerned but may be thats something they decided beforehand who knows (well the nagas and mushi apart) ..

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