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Originally Posted by Ajfar
Dillu that sounds good and all but the truth is the world ain't following the 'World Series'. For example who really follows the baseball world series beside American, some Japanesse, Puerto Rican, Dominicans and some other random South American coutries. Beside if it's about the players involvment from different part of the world shouldn't the entire tournament be called World Series? But its not it's called MLB. Only the final is called the World Series. How you gonna call a team the world champion when the most of the world are not even involved.
"MLB" is the league's name, not tournament's name. And yup, exactly, it's called MAJOR League Baseball. Not American Baseball Premier League or American BigBash/Friendslife blah blah league. It's the MAJOR league open to all professionals from all countries.

All in all, the World Series does sound a bit arrogant in baseball, but applies more appropriately to MLC than MLB and it does make it more prestigious than just calling "American Baseball/Cricket League."
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