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How you should post your XI:

- MUST Assign a Captain and Wicketkeeper.
- Post your line-up here in this thread, here only. Do not PM me, it won't count.
- If you must PM, PM your opponent, but do it at your own risk. I'll not take responsibilities if they temper with your line up.
- Post your line-up at end of every round (if you have a game on the next round).
- Don't edit your line up. Take your time, finalize and then post it.
- If you fail to post your games for too many occasions, your players will get "injured/lose fitness/form" and I'll either randomly select your XI or play the previous line up.
- Please exactly copy and paste your game title from the schedule on your line-up post. (That way I can find your line-ups easily by pressing Ctrl+F))
- Home teams provide game-time weather. Games will be played in the evening, around 6-7PM local.

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