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Originally Posted by Dilscoop
(And I know you did pick Kevon Cooper on purpose that night! You even said it. lol don't think I didn't pick up on that)
2 and 2 is not 5. I said in regards of Samarewara. I was going to pick Samarewara then decided against it. You made (forced) me post my skipped players in the other thread to follow your rules. Yet TT never posted Samarewara in that thread. So technically if you follow your rules he should NOT be in that roster.

You must have seen the date stamp on Coopers post. It takes time to format (insert link) make italic for two players. No didn't see TT took him in the other thread before. Plus he was doing good in the SLPL so that was the reason for me to pick him and I was trying to run the mad dash like everyone else.

I didn't say any word about Cooper before. But since you brought it up he should be still be in my roster. I followed the rules yet got penalized. Why should I be penalized for following the rules? I don't care what other did or not it is there problem not mine.

There off my chest.
The Weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the Strong." - Gandhi.
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