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Originally Posted by MSM B2C
This is horrible from Dilscoop! How do you miss a player of Imran Nazir's Quality in T20!!!

I demand action! This is so unfair!

it was the duty of Dilscoop to add all the big T20 players in the auction List! Big FAIL!

and even so, When I picked Imran Nazir he should have told me, his not on the starting list!
Denver Broncos, I'm going to make this very easy for you. READ THE DAMN RULES.

Originally Posted by Dilscoop
a. If you'd like to talk to an agent/player personally and have them apply for a spot on the list, you may do that in the Official thread.
b. MLC has retained from including the "washed-outs," but if you do want some of them included, once again, use the Official MLC thread.
c. You may not draft a player out side of this list. Get them officially signed by the MLC first BEFORE the draft begins.

Tips: Keep an eye out for the injured player. Real life injury is applied* (Injury period converted into MLC simulation period)

What's unfair is how some of you consistently bitch and whine about every little things that doesn't go your way while I'm spending all my time here, trying to make this as fair as possible. Only handful of the GMs read the rules, rest just kept asking the same question over and over again. Cant expect everyone to feed you every bit of info. Do some for yourself.
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