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Originally Posted by Dilscoop
1) Z
2) Ajfar (or his list)
3) Isnaad
4) ?
5) ?

2 more.
Originally Posted by Night_wolf
i vote for skiping..lets start the league already..if you have a good team you win its ok but the main goal is having fun and we are not getting that untill the league starts..i rather lose with a bad team the wait for the league to start..there are many things we still dont understand about the league and once the league starts we'll get the infos and can go out banging in the 2nd season
1) Maysun
2) Ajfar
3) Kohli
5) NW
6) Z
7) Nadim?? (not enough list)
8) Moc?? (never list)
9) TE?? (ran out of list)
10) Isnaad
11) MSM? (ran out of list)
12) BP? (have a list)
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