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Originally Posted by maysun
If we get skipped, do we get to pick anytime after that?
No. You can "make up" your missing players at the of the official draft ends. And that is 12. After round 12, anyone can sign up at any time, at any order, until the draft thread closes. So you can fill it up then. Remember your final roster must be cut to 17.

Originally Posted by Ajfar
Dillu said it long time ago, after round 5 you will be skipped. If you are going to be away for a while you are suppose to leave him your top choices.
And he didn't. So I had to skip him. But in a way that's much better than making me do his work and then coming here and posting how moja and how entertaining it was to just sit there and doing nothing. Ya.. real moja.

Thanks Moc, Aj. I'm only doing it for you all. As long as you guys are here to play, I'm more than happy to do it.
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