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Default Team Details:

2. LA Kings -
Owner: Eli Broad, The Broad Foundation
Manager: Maysun
Coaches & Staffs: Gary Kirsten (bat) | Shaun Pollock (BWL) | Steve Rixon (Fld) | Gregory King (fitness) | Les Burdett (GK)
HG: LA Memorial Coliseum
Sponsors: Staples | Herbalife

3. Boston Celtics -
Owner - Mark Wahlberg
Manager: Ajfar
Coaches & Staffs: Mark Taylor (bat) | Imran Khan (bwl + spe) | Trevor Penney (fld) | Paddy Upton (fitness) | Peter Muzzell (GK)
HG: Gillette Stadium, Foxboro
Sponsors: BJ's Wholesale Club | Mass Mutual

4. Philadelphia Flyers -
Owner: Bradley Cooper
Manager: Kohli Sox
Coaches & Staffs: Justin Langer (bat) | Allen Donald (bwl) | Jason Swift (field) | Andrew Leipus (fitness) | Tom Parker (GK)
HG: Citizens Bank Park
Sponsors: Comcast | Aqua America

5. Toronto Tyrants -
Owner: Rogers Communications
Manager: ATMR
Coaches & Staffs: Richard McInnes (asst. + bat) | Jonty Rhodes (field) | Troy Cooley (bwl) | Grant Luden (fitness) | Mohammad Rafique (GK)
HG: King City, Toronto
Sponsors: Air Canada | Manulife Financial

6. Chicago Bulls -
Owner: Sam Zell, Equity Group Investments
Manager: Night Wolf
Coaches & Staffs: Steve Waugh (bat) | Waqar Younis (bwl) | Mike Young (field) | Mike Newell (asst.) Ben Langley (Fitness) | Chirle Joseph (GK)
HG: Wrigley Field
Sponsors: US Cellular | Excelon

7. Texas Cowboys -
Owner - Michael Dell, Dell
Manager: Doctor Zuanid Kazi
Coaches & Staffs: Ian Pont (spe.) | Joel Garner (bwl) | Richard Halsall (field) | Mike Woicik (fitness) | Cameron Hodgkin (GK)
HG: Texas Memorial Stadium
Sponsors: AT&T| IBM

8. Miami Heat -
Owner: Micky Arison, Miami Heat
Manager: Nadim
Coaches & Staffs: Richard Pybus (asst.)| Geoffrey Boycott (bat) | M. Holding (bwl) | M. Slauddin (field) | V. Singh (fitness) | Mick Hunt (GK)
HG: Central Broward Regional Park
Sponsors: Burger King | Home Depot

9. New York Rangers -
Owner: Michael Bloomberg
Manager: MohammedC
Coaches & Staffs: Ray Jeenings (Asst) | Matthew Maynard (bat) | Allister de Winter (bwl) | Saqlain Mushtaq (spe) | Steve Rixon (field) | Luke Woodhouse (Fitness coach) | Lee Fortis (GK)
HG: Red House Cricket Ground, Harlem
Sponsors: E*Trade | Coca Cola

10. Kansas City -
Owner: Min Kao, Garmin Corporation
Manager: Tiger_Eye
Coaches & Staffs: Kepler Wessels (asst. + bat) | Lance Klusener (bwl + spe) | Dr. Russell Warren (fitness) | George Toma (GK)
HG: Arrowhead Stadium, KC
Sponsor: Kohl's | Garmin Corporation

11. Washington Nationals -
Owner: Jacqueline Mars
Manager: Isnaad
Coaches & Staffs: Andy Flower (asst. + bat + Fld) | Curtly Ambrose (bwl) | | Ben Langley (fitness) | Ranil Abenaike (GK)
HG: Nationals Park
Sponsors: Geico Insurance | ?

13. Denver Broncos
Owner: John C. Malone
Manager: MSM B2C
Coaches & Staffs: Dav Whatmore (bat) | Vicent Barnes (bwl) | Chris Taylor (field) | Allen King (Fitness) | Daljit Singh(GK)
HG: Mile High Stadium
Sponsors: Sports Authorities | PCL Construction

14. Pittsburgh Penguins
Owner: Wiz Khalifa
Manager: BengaliPagol
Coaches & Staffs: Jamie Siddons (bat) | Curtly Ambrose (bwl) | Michael Bevan (Fld + Spe) | Eva Carneiro (Fitness) | Ned Gregory (GK)
HG: PNC Park
Sponsor: USS| FedEx Ground
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