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Originally Posted by Ajfar
AMTR bhai gets the best deal out of this. Sucks for Kholi he will lose Gayle. But Gayle alone won't win you games, I know people picking later on in the first round thinking all the big names players will be gone, but there are plenty of good T20 players to pick from. You don't neccesarily have to have Gayle or Steyn, its great if you can pick them but you can still make a formidable team without them. Think of the IPL teams, they try to get 2/3 good players and use local talents to build up teams around them, we have to build up our team along the sameline.
100%. Trust me, there are enough good T20 players from all around the world. Check the domestic leagues to help yourself. There are enough attacking players there. Also, try not to be biased toward the Bangladeshi players.

ATMR may not have gotten that deal. Considering 4 players have gathered in, I'll have to reshuffle. Sorry ATMR.
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