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Originally Posted by Ajfar
Also when your turn comes, what if you are not available for few hours? Than you are holding everybody else back. Do we get a certain number of hours that we have to make our call in between that time? I can usually go on BC when I'm at work, but I might get held up for an hour or so, that usually doesn't happen too often.

Anytime after 4 pm Eastern Time will work for me.

Are we allowed to trade our draft positions? Like for example, Kholi gives me his 1st round draft position, and in return I give him my turn in the first round, as well as a pick from another round. I know this will make it really complicated for you Dillu, but I'm just wondering since we will be able to pick up players from the left over bunch once the draft is over, so I don't necessarily have to pick a player in every round.
Yup. That's just gonna be very tough for me.

How about this. We go through the first round without skipping anyone. We'll wait for everyone to get a chance to see that the draft has started. That will also give me a chance to see who will make us wait, and who won't.

I expect you, Z, SNR, ATMR, Maysun, Isnaad, Kohli, Moc, Nadim, NW, to get it done and not make us wait. Then there are T_E, KP, Tonoy, BK who aren't as active (but hopefully will be after first round).
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