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Originally Posted by Dilscoop
- Date will be published as soon as we have GMs ready. GMs will be PMed with the details.
- As some teams are already richer than the other, I'v decided to put a cap on that. For equality.
- I'll do that. I also have thing planned for that. But I just need to get through these preliminary steps first. IDK how hard this can be. It's taking forever.
You can't put a cap on anything without negotiating with the players association and the GMs. If you do, you'll face a lockout like every major league sport has in the US. That's why every salary cap is AGREED UPON, not IMPOSED

Being rich isn't a crime in America, but being thoughtless when selecting an owner is IMHO. Can't tell me not to spend on a Lamboghini just because so and so can only afford a Maruti-Suzuki. Lamborghinis are worth more and won't be sold at the price of a butt-ugly tin-can on wheels. There may be civil rights issues and ACLU is our CSR partner
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