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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman

Posted 35 minutes ago

TORONTO - A heated meeting at Rogers Communication Head Quarters involving Toronto Tyrants executives left CEO Nadir Mohamed's office in a wreck early Monday morning. While the details are unknown, sources present at the time of the ruckus have indicated that the attendees of the meeting were visibly agitated by the MLC's last minute decision to overrule the original draft order.

"This is [bleep]...might as well tell us next week that we have to change our entire coaching staff too. As long as they apologize for it right? How the [bleep] are you supposed to chalk up a plan if they keep changing things as they please? [Bleep] this [bleep]", a furious AsifTheManRahman was quoted yelling at reporters as he stormed out of the building.

Other MLC officials were unavailable to comment.

The MLC recently decided to reshuffle the original draft order for teams, a change which saw the Tyrants fall to #14 from #2.
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