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Originally Posted by Sohel NR
Thanks Commish. Now set a day and date for the draft and every GM must be online for that. If not, they should be demoted down the order rather than having the rest of us wait for them. That way all of the initial trading can be done that day also.

Any provision to draft unsigned players after 16 rounds for trading purposes? A single drafted player may be worth more than one player or one player plus cash. The Sharks have money to burn and will sign extra players for that.

IMPORTANT: Please have everyone declare their payroll budget before the draft. The payroll MUST reflect the actual worth of the owner.
- Date will be published as soon as we have GMs ready. GMs will be PMed with the details.
- As some teams are already richer than the other, I'v decided to put a cap on that. For equality.
- I'll do that. I also have thing planned for that. But I just need to get through these preliminary steps first. IDK how hard this can be. It's taking forever.
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