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Important: VERY long post, but I highly suggest you read this.

@ Nadim, and Moc. And rest of the managers who are still doing preliminary steps:

Please pick reasonable coaches and staffs. I'll have to incorporate the "name," the "status" of the coaches you hire into the game. So if you are trying to be funny and picking for ex Inzamaul or Arnold as a trainer, I honestly won't know what to put on your fitness column. This step is one of the serious aspects, these are the stuff that will be factored into to the game and will decide the outcomes. So please be as realistic as you can be.

Next point, once again, there are no head coaches. YOU ARE the manager slash HC. You are the one running the show. If you get a HC, it wouldn't make sense for you to post the XIs, or decide who to drop and who to play (which you will be doing in the future). Just think Andy Flower and ECB. You are Andy Flower of your team. Now you just need specialist coach for every dpt.

That brings me to my next point. Couple of you wanted to sign some Asst. Coaches, since there were no position for HCs. That way you guys could sign people like Ray Jennings. I said there wasn't any room for Asst Coach either.

But I've figured out a way for you guys to assign a Asst coach/Specialist Coach and punch those number into the game. There is this thing called "special skills," set of skills that are available for each and every players. Things like "T20 Specialist, "Workhorse", "Economical" (I won't reveal all of them). And if you sign a Asst coach/Specialist coach, I will use him to tick those special skills. Lets say you get McGrath as you Asst Coach I'll help your bowlers with Econ and work horse, the type skills set that McGrath will be able to pass along. But you shouldn't need a specialist coach, if you have McGrath as you bowling coach. You will still be able to use his skills for the bowling-related special skills. (So I'd suggest get someone dynamic/alr if you must get a specialist coach. If you get asst. get someone who can manage, build the team, someone for more technical stuff, such "concentration" etc)

2ndly, do some research before you pick a coach. Like 5 of you picked Mike Young. I'm listing all these names in every page so that doesn't happen. I don't think anyone is even looking at that :S

Do a little research on your area before creating your center wicket. Ask SNR for help. He knows a lot on that matter . Again, try to match the weather of your team's location, as best as you can.

(I'm very sleepy, and I'm not sure if I made any sense. Just make the best of it. )

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