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Exclamation Very Important

Attention managers: I've been working my butt out. Now it's going to be your turn.

Here are your next steps:
1) Pick a City
2) Name your owner
3) Get a Home ground
4) "Reveal" your team (Most of you haven't posted that yet)
5) Get a 2nd LOCAL sponsor for your team.
6) Hire Asst. Coaches and Staffs.
-- At least a Batting, Bowling, Fielding coach. A Curator, Trainer and Physo.
(IDK why the simulator needs it. I guess it factors all in). And unless you've completed the previous steps, you won't have the "money" to hire that many coaches.
7) Make your center pitch, based on the weather of your area.
Pitch Speed: 1-10
Pitch Grip: 1-10
Pitch Bounce: 1-10
Pitch Variation: 1-10
Pitch Deterioration: 1-10
Please try to be as accurate as possible. All this steps are very crucial, and will determine the out comes.

Finish these while we wait for 2 more managers.

Thank you,
CEO, Major League Cricket
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