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MLC West:

1. Seattle Mariners (Tonoy)
2. LA Kings (Maysun)
3. SF Sharks (SNR)

4. Denver Broncos OR Calgary Flames- MANAGER WANTED

MLC South:

1. Texas Cowboys (Doc Z)
2. NO Saints (BK)
3. Mimai Heat (Nadim)
4. Washington DC (Isnaad)

MLC East:

1. Boston Celtics (Ajfar)
2. NY Rangers (Moc)
3. Philadelphia Flyers (K_Sox)

4. Pittsburgh Penguins - MANAGER WANTED

MLC North:

1. Toronto Tyrants (ATMR)
2. Detroit Lions (kalpurush)
3. Chicago Bulls (Night_wolf)

4. Green Bay Packers OR Kansas City Chiefs - MANAGER WANTED

Just pick a team. It doesn't matter, after all it is a fantasy. This is a new ear. Even if Green Bay may not be a cricket town, you can set that up by building a good franchise. You can take away all the attention from Payton Manning and take Denver World Series! Pittsburgh is already popular! Please just pick one, and you will do just fine. KC could use a good sport team!

I can't change anymore things or create more jerseys. I have to create about 500 players on the sim. So please.

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