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Originally Posted by Sohel NR
@BK: Dilscoop has already taken care of the logo and the jersey bro. I assume the fantasy games would be played in EA Cricket simulation after player stats are manually updated by Dilscoop. I just hope the updates are up to date because that would make an impact of the AI doing the simulation. Inputting the right match conditions are also just as critical and Google can be used to discover the actual weather conditions during game time. Cold and windy conditions at the Candlestick should work to my team's advantage when swing bowlers like Gul or Malinga bowl for the Sharks simply because they're more familiar with home conditions.

Also, Dilscoop should provide updated scorecards and pics during matches.

@Dilscoop: You should drop Green Bay and another team from your list. GB is a legendary football town but isn't really a major league city in any way, shape or form. I've been there. Think a sleepier, more agro version of Daly City.
Originally Posted by Dilscoop
BK, I know you play FTP ALLL the time, and you wanted kick my *** in FTP. And I find that game VERY confusing. This is VERY easy compared to that. Just look around here and you will get it.

Step 1: Pick a team. New Orleans. (Check)
Step 2: Pick a home ground. Check
Step 3: Pick a rich owner. That means RICH. Not. A. Poet! Be reasonable. Poet can't own a franchise!
Step 4: Pick your 2nd sponsor (Don't worry about that now)

SNR, I'm keeping you in charge for this. You 2 could be like the Harbaugh brothers.
Thank you Sohel da and Dilscoop!!
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