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Originally Posted by F6_Turbo
Well aware of it...I just think post independence we went through a period of conservatism, and these things were less talked about and restricted to a small percent of the population.

But they have exploded exponentially now, every weekend in multiple places, kids as young as O level students.
Well the conservatism you speak of persists in the mindset of any parent. What we have here is double standards and a culture that doesnt hold ourselves accountable for anything. Parents will be at the top of the rumour mill and bitch about kids losing their Islamic, conservative and social values; and then when it comes to their kids needing those shiny tacky tights to wear around in parties, etc, they turn happily go off to Gulshan 1 DIT market to pamper their kids. I tutored a bunch of O levels and A levels kids in the past few years and I've seen this sh!t a lot among their parents!

Parents ought to grow a pair and question themselves before they blame their kids.
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